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The Smoke of Many Fires (A Prophetic Word)

I know this is a lengthy word. But please take the time to read this. If you are limited in time, please go to the last paragraph for the current word.

We are on the edge of a long ago promised outpouring of the Spirit and I sense the Lord saying, “Here it comes… are you ready.”

It’s April 23rd, 2008. I am up in Anchorage, Alaska on business and again the Lord is giving me a word regarding Revival in America from this place. Today and for the last few days the weather has been clear but hazy. The news this morning said that the cause of this period of haze is a series of fires and dust clouds to our west in Russia and China. As the smoke of many fires are reaching Alaska and having a visible effect, so it is that the fires of Revival in America that are just about to happen are about to circle the globe and have an unmistakable effect. Before I speak what the Lord is setting in my heart we must revisit a word the Lord gave me years ago…

The following is an excerpt of a word I gave to a key national apostolic leader in February of 2002. Included in this word is a series of words I got from 1998 until 2002. I know this is lengthy (about 2 pages) but it all is very important to this word today. Here is that word cut and pasted below:

About two years prior to this last Presidential election (early 1998), in a prayer group meeting at Shady Grove Church in the DFW area, and in the presence of many witnesses, the Lord gave me a clear word. He said, “George W. Bush will be the next President of the United States. But you will need to pray for him unceasingly.” (This was about a year and a half prior to the date he announced that he would run.)

God said, that we needed to pray very hard about this until it would come to pass. Little did I know of the spiritual battles that were to come regarding his election! It would become obvious why God said to pray.

I took this to heart and prayed for him nearly every day during this period of time. But I remember asking the Lord, “Why George Bush? What, Lord, is so important about this man?” I knew that he was a man of God, but sensed that there was more to this man’s call than just that he was a man of faith… much more. I just didn’t get an answer until the summer prior to his election, over a year later.

Two prophetic visions happened that summer (2000) of great importance. I spoke these visions as often as I could to anyone that would hear.

1) An all time record drought hit the central part of America in the summer of 2000 just prior to the Presidential election. The Lord was speaking to us through that event though I sensed that few people heard what He was trying to say.

As an airline pilot, I use satellite images to know where bad weather is. When you “loop” these images together on a computer, you can see the motion of the clouds across the nation. The Lord showed me a vision in my sleep of what seemed to be a presentation of these satellite images looped together. It would replay again and again. Then I saw the hand of the Lord with His pointing finger pointed drawing a circle around this drought region of the United States. It market out the central middle States in a large oval circle. His hand went around and around, and He was saying, “Pray for the rain, pray for the rain, pray for the spiritual rain.” The area that was affected by this drought included mainly Texas, the north west corner of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, the lower western half of Missouri, Kansas and then upward into the Dakota’s. This was the area that the Lord was circling in my vision. Though it seemed that the upper most segment went up into Canada.

I sensed the Lord saying that this is an important strategic area for revival to be nurtured and birthed. I believe this still stands today (2002).

2) Then a wonderful event happened in August of that election year. I was flying from Salt Lake City to Boise Idaho. It was a late evening flight, to arrive around 9 pm. I was a passenger. The Lord put a strong call on my heart to pray for George Bush. I interceded the entire flight. My head was in my hands almost all of the flight as I was praying.

In that time (late summer 2000), you might remember that there were many wild fires burning out of control in the northwest United States. That too was a prophetic vision in the Lord.

As we were descending into Boise, I took my head out of my hands and looked out my window into the pitch black into an incredible sight! There before my eyes was a forest fire only 10,000 or so feet below. It was magnificent! Flames were leaping hundreds of feet into the air. Thousands of acres of forest were on fire. As a pilot for 20 years, I had seen hundreds of fires from the air, but not that was so magnificent as this one.

Then the Lord spoke into my spirit as clearly as I had ever heard, and in so doing, He answered my long-term question, “Why George Bush”?

This is what He said, “This is why I want this godly man in the office of President. Because I am going to bring the fires of revival to this nation such as what has never been seen before. No work of man or the devil will be able to put this fire out!”

Now I knew, this would be a battle that must be won in intercession and by only a few.

The election debacle was over (beginning of 2001). But the Lord spoke to my heart the power and importance of intercession in the days ahead. He said, “See, the minority has voted this President into office. Likewise it will be the minority of the church Body that will be enough to stir Me into action. I will give you a new effectiveness in a new season”

My wife and I spent New Years Eve 2000/2001 in our home. We could easily notice that all the hype of the previous years millennial changeover was nonexistent this New Year. Somehow this New Years Eve seemed very subdued. It was true that 1999/2000 was a hyped change of the millennium. But that was a false change of seasons. The true change of millennium, the true change of season occurred 2000/2001, as it is true that this millennium actually began New Years Day 2001.

The Lord caused something very unique to happen that night for me. My wife and I decided to stay up and watch a pay per view movie off of our Satellite system. We had no control of the time the movie showed. We decided to see the movie “The Patriot”. It’s the first time I had seen it. But I noticed that this movie was scheduled to end 6 minutes after midnight. I told my wife that I had a good “time hack” on my watch, I would watch for midnight and inform her of midnight when it occurred.

Now as we were watching this movie, I was enthralled by it! The movie progressed from one patriot’s defeat to the next at the hand of the enemy British Red Coats. It was one step forward two steps back all through the movie, that is until the end. All through the movie I got the sense of how impossible it was going to be for these patriots to defeat the tyranny of the Red Coats. Then came the final battle between the key characters, Mel Gibson and the Red Coat leader. The battle scene was intense.

Meanwhile I was looking at my watch, only seconds to midnight. I informed my wife of the countdown. But then, just as Mel Gibson thrust the final victorious blow into the enemy in slow motion cinematography, my watch struck exact midnight! This was, to the second, the very turning point of this movie.

Now from this exact point in the movie, until the end six minutes later, the patriots were now victorious, the battle won, the Nation was now officially unshackled from evil, and they became a nation. There battles were won easily from that point forward.

As the movie closed, the Spirit was all over me! The Lord said, “I have released a new season of effectiveness into the intercessors of the church from this moment. I am turning up the heat. You will do much more with much less in much less time, and in power in the spiritual realms. The intercessors will be much more effective because the season has just changed.”

Then the Lord led me to scriptures. Among many I read that night, this was the most important. My bible just fell open to it when I first opened my bible!

Nahum 2:3-6 The shields of his soldiers are red; the warriors are clad in scarlet. The metal on the chariots flashes on the day they are made ready; the spears of pine are brandished. The chariots storm through the streets, rushing back and forth through the squares. They look like flaming torches; they dart about like lightning. He summons his picked troops, yet they stumble on their way. They dash to the city wall; the protective shield is put in place. The river gates are thrown open and the palace collapses.

The river gate is about to be thrown open! We are these soldiers clad in scarlet red! We are His picked troops! We are the ones that stumble along the way (which is the flesh and which is O.K.)! The palace represents the strongholds of the enemy during this season of revival! It is going to come down.

End word of 2002

So there it was in a long word given a key leader in February of 2002. Today, April 23, 2008. I remember that word and know full well that the Revival I heard about has yet to come to pass. Until now.

We have just a few months before this President must leave office. Is it not just like the Lord to wait the fullness of his timing to bring to pass what he has promised? Is it not like the Lord to cause us to wait until the last second to see a thing come to pass? Is it not like the Father to examine our hearts before he sees a thing through? Are we not tested in these times so that when the fires come we do not burn out?

Now I sense it as strong as ever. The Spirit of the Lord is hovering over America to bring this thing to pass just as he said it would back in the summer of 2000. Revival is coming to America, just as the Lord had said it would. Only it will not come in the way that we would expect. The Lord said to me that the doors that open this year are not where we expect them to be and not what we expect them to be. We must be fully dependant on the Holy Spirit to even understand what the Father is about to do.

Here it comes! We are only days away from the fullness of it. Either I heard in error or the Lord is about to complete what he has started.

There are fires that have already started. But these fires are small and which are “starter fires.” But the Lord is saying that there will burn from America many fires of Revival that will affect the whole world. The smoke of many fires will be very visible and very obvious. The unbelieving world will be confronted with a mighty Jesus as he walked this earth, in signs miracles and wonders. The unbelieving world will have a great opportunity to see real Christianity. They will be forced to make a choice. No work of the enemy will be able to put these fires out. Every provision to see this thing come to pass will happen supernaturally. We will go for want for nothing in these days of joy. Though unbelieving America will deal with measures of suffering economically, the church that is filled with the Holy Spirit will not. Everything needed to take these fires to the nations will be provided for supernaturally. There will be many very wealthy Spirit filled Christians in the short days ahead. Here we go! Are you ready?



  1. thank god for revival

    here we go again.

  2. This is a ggreat post thanks

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