Posted by: tscottmorton | March 15, 2010

A Dream

My wife is big on dreams. God gives her earth shaking dreams almost every night. She has an anointing for it. But I rarely get dreams that I remember. When I do though, it usually means something important for me and/or for others. Here is one I got last night worth sharing:

I was walking down an empty streetway towards where I knew God was residing. I had to get there! As I walked down this street, snakes appeared one after another to stop me from going forward. Just for a second I was in a measure of fear. But then the authority of Christ welled up within me. I pointed straight at each one of those snakes and said calmly but firmly, “You get out of my way.” Some moved immediately, others required contending with for a period of time. But finally the road was clear. Then there was a house and I went in. God was there. When I stepped in, there was a rotating table full of boxes. I knew these boxes to be filled with personal provisions. The table rotated quickly and I would reach and take a box, one at a time. It was like God was saying, “Here take this, now take that, and now take this,”. And it was all happening so quickly. Then I woke up.

What the Lord was saying to me/us in this dream is so big. Mainly, He is going to provide for our every need, but we need to press in to Him, past all the stuff that would hold us back, past all the issues and the people and the things, into His Presence. And it will be from there that we will be fully provided for with every earthly and spiritual need.

Lord greatly bless you with every spiritual need through Jesus Christ, until the day you are with Him!



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