Posted by: tscottmorton | November 9, 2012



That which occurs in the unseen has far greater, far broader, and far more important effect toward changes that manifest into the natural than what is done in the natural. That which is unseen, sometimes instantly, sometimes over time, invades the natural to change the natural according to Father’s plan.

Intercessors must know that many times, even most times when a prayer is released, we don’t see the results just yet. But damage against the camps of the enemy is happening. Change is happening. God is responding. God’s plans manifest in such ways.

How we ask (His heart, His mind, revelation prayers) is key. The unified effort behind such intercessions (non-religious, non-legalistic, not based in fear or worry) will be most important.

Intercession is progressively becoming absolutely invaluable. It must come out of intimacy. It will do great damage in the unseen realms. It will turn things around though we might not see it in the natural. It will set things in motion, though we might not feel it. It will set fire to many churches that are touched as a result… this we will see.

We are progressing/graduating to a point where everything of the Church will totally depend on the prayers of the Saints. This is nothing new, however I sense a renewing of this principle as a call from the Father for this season, and of which has great importance in the days ahead.

We need to know not to concern ourselves with whether or not we are effective in what we are doing. If we don’t see it, it does not mean that there has been no effect in the spiritual realms. We cannot judge our effectiveness by what we see. We cannot judge Kingdom effectiveness through earthly means. Keeping a record of success is at best flawed because we cannot see into the realm of the second heaven to know what unseen success has taken place lest the Lord show us spiritually. We are tempted to say we are in error and to stop if we do not see the results as we expect the results to happen. Just pray and prophesy in faith.

For the Saints, for the Kingdom to rise, worldly result must be shut out of our minds. For, when the world arises, the supernatural of the Kingdom gets shut out by the minds of people. It is true that the world is diametrically opposed to the Kingdom of God, a 180-degree opposite to what is important in the eyes of God. The kingdom of this world is in enmity with the Kingdom of God. As the world falls, God will protect His church so as to reap this great harvest. We must not fear what is to come, but in the Holy Spirit and in power, be ready to reap!

When a word comes to me that I sense is from God, it is true that if I don’t accept that word, it passes me. Likewise when a corporate warning comes, it is true that if we pray against it, or pray repentance, it’s effect too can pass without happening. I sense the word of the Lord saying, “It’s time to be proactive, to listen and then pray what you hear.”


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