Posted by: tscottmorton | September 23, 2014

Shemetah Sep 25, 2014-Sept 13, 2015

In two days, we are entering into the Hebrew year of 5775. It is the year of the Shemetah (Shmita, means “release”, the “sheviit” year or seventh sabbatical year). It is a year of rest and of letting go, a year for the remission of debts. Historically speaking, for those of God, it marks times of great blessings, but for the world apart from God, great curses.

September 25th marks the turn of the New Year of 5775. This is the 7th of 7 years with the 50th year of Jubilee coming next. Why is this important? It is huge!

I’ve hear many people prophesying the shakings coming but few are prophesying the blessings… This is a year that much that is ungodly in the world will be shaken. However, it is a year for those who have prepared to be greatly blessed. It is the year of the beginning of the transference of wealth. Many have been waiting for it, but here it comes…

As we move towards the end time play, there will be great outpourings of both spiritual provision (Revival) and natural provision (finance) that will provide in part for the spiritual movements ahead. This is a great year for these things to come to pass.

Historically, the 7th year has been the times of huge shifts that manifest over into the natural. The beginning of both WWI and WWII, the events of Vietnam, the restoration of the State of Israel, the fall of the World Trade Centers in 2001 and the stock market crash of 2007/8 all occurred within the Shemetah year, some events down to the last day! We see many of these as horrors, but they have been manifestations in the natural of great battles that have been happening in the spiritual. Few have had eyes to see it!

It has been said for many years that wealth is coming to the Body of Christ, to those who have prepared. Father says that for some of those who have prepared and been faithful with the little, great wealth is about to be transferred. This is the beginning of it, though it has been in the works and spoken about for years… In the waiting, many have given up. But God’s timing is not our timing!

Many people are talking about Shemetah right now and only focusing on the doom and gloom. But I tell you, for those in the Spirit, it will be just the opposite! What’s happening in Ukraine prophesies to that which is to come. Under the threat of a great war, in Odessa Ukraine, certain churches is just now entering into full Revival. I know this because a dear friend is a key Messianic Jewish leader in that city. His congregation is in full Revival right now. The shaking manifests both ways!

For those who have yet to prepare, the word is clear: Organize, downsize, minimize and prepare immediately in the natural so that we can upsize, maximize and reap in the Spirit! It’s clear to me, this is a huge year to shift.

Even in the horror of the “valley of death” things we might see that are short to come, we who are in the Spirit will not be in fear. We must choose fearlessness!

As in the concept of the Shemetah, those that are tied to the world will fall with the world. But for many of us who have been living the Kingdom life, we will enter into a very great spiritual prosperity. That which has fallen away from God will fall. Conversely, that which has drawn near to God will rise in the Shemetah. Simply said, it’s the faith based concept of blessings and curses that has existed from the very beginning! I sense that this seventh of seven years Shemetah will be the beginning of a significant transference of wealth from the ungodly to the Godly, for Harvest purposes!

Though many miserable things we might see in the world, I see those who are filled with the Spirit and fully provided for both with supernatural miracles and financial provision, dancing down the valley of the shadow of death, fearing NO evil and bringing technicolor joy wherever they walk. Whatever is shaken in the world will not shake the Spirit filled Body of Christ.

No matter what happens, we will all need wisdom, diligence, perseverance and faith in the coming days! And NO FEAR!!!


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