Posted by: tscottmorton | November 15, 2015

World Terrorism

World Terrorism

With a heavy heart of love and prayer to the dear people of France…

What’s going on here? I am certain of this, random killing in the name of a false religion is not the end goal of Satan. Satan’s goal is not the battle on the field but the battle of the wold’s collective mind. He kills “in the name of god”, the world witnesses in disgust… not knowing the demonic manifestations that are really behind it. The world starts to think… and then quickly hate the notion of ANY religion which declares absolutes. “Such a thing is hate language!”, they say. Soon thereafter, governments start to legislate out open expressions of faith. The baby gets thrown out with the bath water.

Satan’s goal is not to randomly kill a few people. His goal is to silence the worldwide expression of spiritual truth, replacing it with worldly relativism. His design is to silence the expression of anything as being absolute truth. Absolute truth… which is salvation through none other than Jesus Christ. We who are in Christ Jesus should take every opportunity to express love into this dying world! For the day is quickly coming when the expression of this truth will, once again, result in open and world accepted persecution. This is the Satanic strategy behind terrorism, to replace truth with relativism. Besides the raw expression of demonic hatred, enforced relativism is what this is all about.


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