Posted by: tscottmorton | February 11, 2017

Reach Out and Take It!

God does not owe us a thing. Because Jesus paid our price in full, down to the very last penny, at the cross.

We have been given the “Access All Areas” card, the “Get Out of Jail Free” card. We have been totally justified in His death. We have been made fully righteous in the power of His resurrection. We have been given full access to the supernatural power of God that raised Christ from the dead by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, so that we can raise others from the dead.

We have it all.

Jesus did everything for everyone all in one glorious moment in time, for all time. Nothing else need be done. Therefore everything we need has already been provided for us.

So what’s missing, when we face trials and difficulties of all kinds that bring us down? What’s missing when what we hope for has not happened?

When we don’t see or understand why things are not happening the way we desire, there is but one reason. Lack of faith in the fullness of Christ’s finished work.

If I don’t believe in the power, I cannot operate in the power. If I do not believe I am righteous, I remain under the law. If I do not believe in Christ’s saving power, I miss His salvation. Everything comes by faith.

In whatever I doubt or disbelieve, regardless of the experiences I have witnessed for however long I have witnessed them, regardless of however long I have suffered, I will not see it.

Doubt or disbelief is the essence of the leaven that works its way throughout the dough.

Some part of us does not agree in the fullness of Christ’s sacrifice. Some part of us doubts the full power of the cross. Hence what we hope for is deferred.

He did everything! Nothing else need be done. We already have it all fully available to us.

All that remains is to reach out and take it, by grace through faith.


Here’s my homework assignment for you!

Open up YouTub and watch this from Dan Mohler. On the search line ype in “Dan Mohler – Faith is a Perspective – 2 January 2016”

Watch Dan Mohler and you will be SO blessed!



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