Posted by: tscottmorton | September 6, 2020

Faith is the Bridge

Faith is the bridge between who I used to be and who God says I am. I must walk across this bridge to the other side. I must CHOOSE to believe.

God will never violate our free will. It is for this reason that so many never find Heaven. He presents Himself to us. We must take His hand, by choice.

I AM NOT what God says I am until I first accept it, until I first believe it. Faith FIRST, in all things.

The Word HAS BEEN spoken. It is finished. God does not need to do anything else to make it so. I first read about His love for me. If my heart is willing, I must then believe what I read. Then, the Spirit comes with revelation understanding to reveal these truths into my heart. As I believe in what He has made me, I then become it, by Grace. GRACE, the very power of God that makes what was not, SO! By Faith through Grace…

How simple it is to be with God. How simple it is to miss Him. And the difference? It starts with… CHOICE. Cross the bridge set before you!


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