Posted by: tscottmorton | April 10, 2021

Word for the Pacific Northwest

This is a season of extreme faith resulting in extreme Grace resulting in ancient walls being torn down, nationwide. Christian identity is THE FIRST key that will bring faith to its fullest measure, which will in turn bring Grace to its fullest measure, which will in turn be the power that destroys those demonic walls. 


There are three primary geographic entry points into the United States from which satan established key strongholds to prevent America from attaining to its fullest glory. They are New England, the Gulf Coast and the Pacific Northwest. 

Founding Fathers entered in from the New England area bringing old religion from Europe but with a new vision for Spirit filled liberty. However, they brought with them a form of rejection, having been rejected from the places from which they came. The primary strongholds in New England are two fold; religious spirits of control and an extreme form of rejection leading to ungodly self defense. It’s a hard cold place where religion, anger and a certain pride that forms out of rejection are in control. It’s also a place of great Revival. What was in the Great Awakening will come again in New England and which will be the manifestation that brings down those old walls nationwide.

On the Gulf Coast from Pensacola across to Houston resides the mocking spirits of control and witchcraft, the seat of which is in Louisiana. These founders who came up from Central and South America brought with them darkness and control through witchcraft that has resided in the South for generations. Witchcraft has permeated into the United States from this region and which can only be silenced by the Power of the Holy Spirit and by angelic warring hosts. Prayer, fasting and Revival Glory will open these doors.

The Pacific Northwest

Perhaps the earliest of all forefathers into the Continental United States entered via the pathway from Asia. From Asia, through Russia, across Alaska, down through Canada and into the Pacific Northwest. The First People’s of America. The American Indians find their founding routes from Asia. They brought with them a particular “always seeking of spiritual truth” mentality which permeated and remains in ancient Asia. They carried with them a particular religious liberty to seek and live out what they chose to believe. But with that sense of religious liberty came many forms of spirituality that was ungodly. In the Pacific Northwest there has always been a liberty of spiritual seeking. Revival is easy in the Pacific Northwest because people are willing, but don’t necessarily know why. However, that has become an open door to religious error in many varying forms. The controlling spirits in this region are false religion, FALSE IDENTITY and forms of witchcraft that tie closely to power seekers who find the wrong power and who call that demonic power “light.” Washington is full of this.

Revival has been easy to manifest in the Pacific Northwest. But because of the flesh of the mind, has quickly shifted to error or outright died as the mind of man quickly overcame the truth of the Holy Spirit. 

There is but One Way by which these controlling spirits in the Pacific Northwest shall fall! Truth manifested upon God’s believers! REVELATION truth is the FIRST key!

Here comes the Revival of Revelation Word truth! The Revival of ChrIstian IDENTITY, of who WE ACTUALLY ARE in Christ’s eyes. Of what FAITH IS and of what GRACE IS. Most of Christianity have all these key truths in severe error! But, this Holy Spirit manifestation of truth will tear down these old religious strongholds in the Pacific Northwest. 

The Truth

Here’s the Truth in necessary order.

  1. First premise: Whatever we believe, we empower. Whatever we DIS-believe, we empower. With this in mind: 
  2. We who believe, ARE a New Man Creation. We are not BEING MADE, we already ARE. Sin no longer has a stronghold in us IF ONLY WE BELIEVE IT. This truth alone changes EVERYTHING!
  3. This is why FAITH IS CRITICAL. FAITH is not real unless we first know who we are! Thereafter, we LIVE by faith. We die without faith. Faith is required for ALL THINGS in our Kingdom earth walk. Faith is THE necessary doorway to Grace. 
  4. GRACE is NOT mercy. GRACE IS POWER! (Though there is an element of mercy in Grace because it is given undeservedly.) Grace is completely dependent upon FAITH. Grace AWAITS AND REQUIRES FAITH. No FAITH? No GRACE! No POWER! And, if we are in error about our identity, all these things are rendered powerless!

So here it comes to the Pacific Northwest, REVELATION TRUTH that results in overwhelming POWER! The Revival of IDENTITY… resulting in the manifestation of radical levels of FAITH, resulting in the outpouring of AMAZING POWER FILLED GRACE. THAT is what will RIP down these ancient walls of American religious error. 

REVIVAL: First IDENTITY revealed, second FAITH believed, third GRACE POWER manifested, fourth EFFECTIVENESS, the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven : THE RESULT OF REVIVAL, EFFECTIVENESS.

In Addition

ALASKA has a big part to play as Seattle has a big part to play. The wells already dug in Alaska will be a great blessing to Washington. Like oil poured down from the North over the heads of Washington State. Likewise, from the south of Washington, wells dug in Northern California and Oregon will “sandwich in” upon Washington to see a very great tearing down of ancient walls of demonic control in this state in a very great way. Washington, it’s YOUR TIME! Nations need what you will have.


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