Posted by: tscottmorton | March 22, 2010

A Loving Word from My Dad

I so love my father. He is truly an example of “The Father’s Love” to me.

I love you Dad!


Hi Son:

I’ve added a slight addition (To the Hubble Poem) from the heart—

“This is a beautiful blog today.
A big AMEN, I say!!
So where will our Faith Hang
When Hubble, or its successor’s, finally show us the “Big Bang”

Behold, we’ll say
On that rapidly nearing day
We are indeed only a tiny part
Of our Loving God’s Huge Heart

True to His Promise–from the One we seek
He has offered us all a tantalizing peek
Through a window seen only in Faith
An otherwise incomprehensible hint of His Power to create

One “Big Bang”; then six days later, man heard the Call
That, just as promised, our Loving God had Created us one and all
Then, rest He Did, for one more day
Before moving on to Care for us in every Way”


With lots of love to all



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