Posted by: tscottmorton | March 30, 2010

Talent and Excellence

When has talent or excellence ever healed the sick, cast out demons or raised the dead?

Why then is so much of today’s church so focused on talent or excellence? When talent and excellence are the focus over the supernatural anointing of God, the church forces the less talented or less able to sit down and feel useless in the church. The result is that only the talented or “driven” few get released. This is not the way of the Kingdom of God.

Neither talent of excellence can break the “heavy yoke”. It’s the anointing that breaks the heavy yoke. The anointing is nothing of man but is a supernatural gift. It is far greater in ability than any person’s talent or commitment to excellence.

When the anointing takes over in the church, it allows for people of any talent level to do great things! Therefore the anointing is the great equalizer. No one is disqualified from doing great exploits when God releases them to do so. Those in the back row come forward and those in the front row go backward. In this way, no one gets the glory but God! No one is of more or less value than any other in the eyes of the Father! This is the way of the Kingdom of God, that all be usable to further His Kingdom here on earth, from the least to the greatest.

Everyone is given a measure of talent in whatever God calls a person into. However like all things of the Kingdom of God, talent must first be connected to the anointing from the Kingdom of God before it can be rightly used. Otherwise talent is nothing more than what a person can do in the natural. What we are after is spiritual! Namely a harvest of souls! Talent does nothing to convince, but the Holy Spirit reveals all things to those who have ears to hear! That is purely supernatural. So must we be.

Earthly talent is prideful, Kingdom anointing is selfless. Earthly excellence is a striving and is works oriented and law based. Excellence is based either in the pride of success or born from unhealed guilt for past failures. This was a major issue I had to deal with in my own life. I found myself striving for success to overcome past failures I perceived in my life.

But Kingdom excellence is radical and supernatural. It departs from the tiny limitations of human excellence and results in supernatural gains that far exceed that which can be gained otherwise.

Since anointing is a work of God through us, then we know that when we do great exploits, it is not us but God through us that is doing it. In the anointing we can only boast in the Lord. In the anointing, He gets all the glory.

True Kingdom excellence and ability, rightly expressed into the world, is lying down and watching the Holy Spirit and angels fly in overhead and defeat enemies without even lifting a finger. Judges Chapter 6 and 7.

It’s not always that easy and certainly persecution and perserverence are requisite components of success in Kingdom business. However, I am absolutely convinced that the far easier, far more effective way to do God’s business is in being connected to His authority and power rather than operating in our own authority and power.

We are all called out into the world to express our talent and effort but not as the world does, not in our own striving. We are called out to express these things from a condition of being yoked to the supernatural mind of Christ by the Holy Spirit, being dead to self, seeing the anointing couple with our God given talent, and only then do great exploits. Our works must be based in faith, in Jesus name and in the power of His cross.

It’s the power of His cross that is so lacking in today’s church. Hence, no anointing, no miracles, no life. What remains is striving and works, or better said, talent and excellence. In such cases, church is reduced to nothing but a good show. Church growth is nothing but people moving from one bad experience to the next, looking to feel good in a dead and lifeless setting. It’s time for this to change so that Jesus can gain the reward for His suffering.

One can easily know when the anointing takes precedence in a church. In such places, the roots of great exploits can be found. The sick are healed, demons flee and many get saved in a day. Not just in the church but in the streets and on the mission fields.

Let the Spirit lead the church! Let the mind of Christ AND the power of His cross replace the mind of man in all its’ strivings. Let the mind of man die to self so that it can be yoked to the mind of Christ! Let the anointing come through, by way of a higher faith for the supernatural. Only then will the church obtain its destiny. Only then can 3000 souls be won in one day. (Acts 2:41)


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