Posted by: tscottmorton | April 11, 2010

Son Light Rising

Son Light Rising

31,000 feet over central US skies.
Night turns to day as vibrant hues begin to rise.
Empty and void, save for a billion stars,
gives way to shifting, a new birth… and new hope.

Pitch black space above gives way to colors shifting,
bending, blending; giving hint of a new day.
Black to blackish blue, fiery orange to subtle red.
No words to define these colors filling my head.

Silent… slow motion… sailing…
peaceful encouraging paradigm.
Son light rising…
a witness to change.

Ever increasing as time goes by.
The darkness fades to the western sky.
But then back to work, focused and drawn away.
Just a memory, and the glory of a new day.

Earth’s expression of His Kingdom of color,
Trees clap their hands and the waves crash and roar.
Mountains declare the King of all Kings,
and the rocks cry out the Glory of the Lord.


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