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Worldwide Revival Connected to Israel

Worldwide Revival Connected to Israel 4/24/10

We are in a time of great worldwide upheaval in which the Lord is going to be moving supernaturally to prosecute His worldwide end time plan. We are moving into the days where the supernatural of God will no longer be a curiosity; it will be a necessity for Kingdom success.


Col 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

These are the days of the restoration of intercession and the watchmen who will move in it. But these watchmen will no longer be operating in the natural; they will be operating in the spiritual. Intercession is shifting form agenda based utterances to “agendaless” utterances that will come directly from the Throne Room by way of the Holy Spirit and angels. These watchmen’s walls have been decimated for hundreds of years. But now the Lord is restoring the wall and calling the watchmen who are covered in Scarlett Red to step up to stand the post. Hand in hand, they are stepping up… one by one, helping each other to step up into position. I see a circle of intercessors hand in hand facing outward and listening then praying. Listening then praying… listening then praying… listening then praying. I see intercessors being healed and then stepping up to their post with joy in the Holy Spirit.

I see intercessors meeting with absolutely no agenda. I see them entering into worship and just having a love fest with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Then the Holy Spirit and angels start to show up. I see people being downloaded into. I see them starting to prophesy the freshly received word. Then I see into the second heaven GREAT damage happening… a sudden great release of God’s great power against His enemies that originated from the mouths of the intercessors. Doors opening and doors closing, doors opening and doors closing, doors opening and doors closing. The opening doors are God’s power, anointing and provision. The closing doors are being slammed in the face of the enemy, preventing him from doing what he has planned.

Gone are the days of intercession based in the thoughts of people, or by “procedure”, or by agenda, or “in order”, all of which are policies of man. 24 hour intercession will be meaningless unless the Lord is given total reign of the meetings. Works of the flesh will have no weight in Kingdom business. The old way will not suffice for the new thing that is about to come to pass.


There is a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and works of angels that will result in a great harvest that is just a short time away. The coming revival in the world is directly connected to what happens and what is coming in Israel.

Whatever happens to the Jewish people has direct effect on what happens to all of God’s beloved humanity in the world. What happens in the world therefore is directly effected by what happens in Israel. As such, I am convinced that God is bringing revival into Israel; a restoration of “First Church” manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s Presence, of powerful healings and deliverances and even the raising of the dead.

But for the rest of the world, the fullest measure of what the Lord will do in this coming revival will not come to pass until the Jews have moved in revival. Currently God is beginning to pour out His Spirit among Gentiles (and certain for-running Messianic Jews) around the world. This is a beginning that will result in what the Lord will do in the restoration of the Jewish people to their rightful place of leadership in the world.

This starts with the Gentiles, gets respectfully and lovingly served to the Jews, then the full power of it will be poured out into the world for the purpose of this end time revival. I believe that stage one has begun, revival among Gentiles and certain for-running Messianic Jews around the world.

Stage two is next, in which the Lord will minister the fullness of reconciliation between Gentile and Jew, by which the Spirit of the Lord will be poured out in Israel and among Jews around the world. This includes the restoration of the Jews to their neighboring brothers and sisters in Egypt and Assyria (the former Assyria of Iraq and the region around it.) Reference the last part of Isaiah 19.

Stage three is the harvest of unprecedented proportions. Signs, miracles and wonders will happen in such a way that even the most casual of observers will have no choice but to say, “That had to be God!”

This brings me back to intercession, which in these days is critical. How we cover our spiritual leaders in the coming days will be of paramount importance. Intercession needs to be interwoven within all things inside and outside of ministries and congregations.

This scriptural word says it all in regards to the Jews:

Rom 11:11-12 Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious. But if their transgression means riches for the world, and their loss means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their fullness bring.

This last sentence is not just a statement from Paul of a truth, which it is. It is an unchanging and eternal principle of the Lord. It is true, forever and ever. Whatever happens to the Jews affects the world always. When they are cursed, the world is cursed; when they are blessed the world is blessed. When peace happens in Israel, it will affect the world order dramatically and radically. When the Jews get the truth about Yeshua Jesus Christ, there will be a resultant synergistic increase of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit such as what the world has never seen. For us who have experienced revivals of the past, look out! What is coming will be no less than amazing.

Satan knows this, and which is why he is so hard at work against Israel and Israel’s brothers to manifest judgment and hate. But through intercession, this will change!

The Jewish people have always been God’s sounding board. His love and judgment have always been expressed thru these people. What affects them, affects the whole world. God’s word, when established NEVER changes.

If we are loved, they are loved all the more.

If we are judged, they are judged all the more.

If we are scattered, they have been scattered.

If we are blessed, they have been blessed all the more.

If we Gentiles are getting the Spirit of God, and rest assured in this, so will they! And in greater measure than what we have ever seen.

I see a slingshot effect coming. We Gentiles are accelerating. We will grab the hands of our Jewish brothers and thrust them ahead of us. They will then grab our hands and bring us up to full speed in what is about to be released from the heavenlies.

These are exceptional days of the Lord. For now, and in preparation, let us, by way of the Holy Spirit inspect our thinking in regards to the Jewish people, repent and be reconciled, Gentile to Jew. For the intercessors, it’s time to drop all agenda’s, wait upon God, be renewed in full, speak the prophetic word and then watch God do His thing!

Bad things are coming to the world, real bad things. But how much greater are those things of the Kingdom of God that will result. I see the Spirit filled believers, Jews and Gentiles hand in hand dancing through the valley of the shadow of death in a form of perfect love that casts out fear, in total joy, singing and dancing but with great resolve. And the result will be a magnificent harvest of souls; the reward for Jesus suffering that He so much deserves.

Respectfully submitted,

T. Scott Morton


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