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A Word for the Nation of Germany

1 Aug 2010

I am an American who travels on business to Frankfurt very regularly (from Ft Worth, Texas). I was privileged to be with a dear group of Spirit filled believers on Sunday, August 1st. The Holy Spirit was VERY resident in that meeting and I got a download from the Lord regarding Germany. For those who love Germany as do I, read on!

As the service started in worship, I heard and felt beachfront ocean waves gently washing over the church. Everyone was there, just quietly and gently being washed. I sensed the Lord was doing this to the Spirit filled church and also over Germany as a nation. Then I literally smelled the fragrance of oil. I have smelled this many times in the past, but for me it has been a very long time since I last caught this smell. It was an oil of joy and of healing. It was an oil of renewal. The waves represented the fresh waters of healing. Many people were just sitting there letting the waves crash over and then falling into a state of deep healing joy. I knew in my heart that the call over the Spirit filled German Church was very prophetic and revelatory that would result in waves of healing, first for the church body, then for the country and then from Germany towards the nations, in particular… Israel.

I sensed the Lord saying, “Can the course of a nation be changed by just a few people? Indeed yes it has and yes it can.” I saw that many within the German Church have been praying for the destiny of Germany for years. I heard the Lord say, “I have heard your prayers and now I am going to respond.” I also sensed the Lord saying to the intercessors, “Don’t stop and don’t give up now.” I sensed the Lord saying that this was a kyros point in time that a move of the Lord would be coming upon Germany. It is a move of great revelation, of right spiritual authority and leadership, of which is a geographic and generational promise over this land. This move will see old and ancient greatly fortified walls within Germany come crashing down. I saw intercessors in the Spirit filled German Church speaking to the walls and then seeing them crash down. Many walls in place since even the days just after the Risen Christ… and written on these walls: “Old Religious Limitations”, “Old Strategies” and “The Mind of Man.”

I saw a few intercessors in the church that have been wounded in the past being healed and reset on the watchmen’s walls with new and fresh authority and anointing. The current and fresh anointing breaks the current heavy yokes. I saw many old yokes falling off easily.

And the Lord says, “Behold I am doing a new thing, do you not perceive it?” And, “Of the increase of the Lord, there is no end. The old thing cannot contain the new thing. The old wineskin cannot contain the new wine… “

Regarding Germany, I saw that the enemy has OBVIOUSLY been hard at work perverting its’ geographic and national Godly call, namely spiritual authority to lead this region into spiritual life giving truth, supernatural power and harvest reaping.

Whatever the enemy means for bad, God turns for far greater good, always. The bad of World War II was very bad and a total perversion of Germany’s leadership authority into the world. In God’s timing “the bad” was just yesterday. But there is now about to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Holy Spirit filled church in Germany that will see many churches come out of religious bondage easily. The far greater good that so many have been asking God for is about to happen, first for the church, then for the nation, then for Israel and then for the nations.

The German Holy Spirit filled Church will be moving in healing (a constant fresh flow of new wine…) that will see people healed of illnesses, of mental issues, of deliverance and even the raising of the dead. Pride will turn into humility under the revelation that the Presence will bring. It will be a sign to many who are hungry for real church. Many will come from religious backgrounds and will be healed of demonic religious spirits. Through intercession and declarations that arise out from times of worship intimacy the German Church will see many of them come down… all this within the context of love and non-judgment. They will see and feel the love and be changed.

Can just a few people change the course of a nation? In Acts, in the upper room, just a handful of men women and children got BLASTED in the Holy Spirit. The result was 3000 souls saved in a matter of hours. Synergistic supernatural Spirit filled authority results in masses changed by just a few in a very short time… So it will be with the German Spirit filled church.

What will it look like? I guarantee you it WILL offend the natural senses. Revival is coming to Germany and it will shake the natural with the supernatural. It will invade and then forcibly displace darkness and the darkness will hate it. And the first place one can expect an attack is through forms of judgment and cranial carnal arguments and conclusions from anyone not directly connected to the Revelator, the Holy Spirit. These are the religious spirits that we have been fighting since the completed work of the cross. They’re coming down in Germany, forcibly!

To all who will lead this in Germany, hear this from my heart of humility? So many times I have seen the fires of revival come and just as quickly depart simply because of the offendabilities of leadership when the Spirit does radical things in the meeting.

As goes the Father, so goes Jesus. As goes Jesus, so goes the Holy Spirit. As goes the Holy Spirit so it is that the church leadership is supposed to go! Thence, as goes the leader, so goes the church.

Unfortunately, it has been this connection between the Holy Spirit and church leadership that has been so sadly missing. The church has suffered as a result. It is this disconnect between the Holy Spirit and church leadership that religious spirits primarily target.

In Spirit filled churches across Germany, people will be laid out in the Spirit in waves of joy and healing that, at times, will look like chaos. I have seen it time and again. What seems crazy in the natural is God doing wonders in the spiritual. Leadership then has a choice. “Do I stop what I do not understand, or do I let God help me in this matter?” Too many times what leadership thinks is demonic is really leadership stepping right in the way of God and the one being healed! How grievous is this error!

But as Jesus chose to be the chief cornerstone of the foundation of the church (not the chief joist of the roof…), so it is with those who lead. They link together with Him by the Holy Spirit to be the foundation that holds the church up to God and who then say, “This meeting is yours Holy Spirit. You have your way God. We will not get in your way and we trust you to show us what is evil and what is good.”

John and Carol Arnott of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship know this well, and which is why revival is still strong there. And from that place, thousands of amazing ministries have been launched with millions of souls saved as a result. Whole nations have been changed by the faithfulness of John and Carol Arnott. They are absolute heros of the faith to me!

The religious church leadership cranially chooses to be the coverage or the roof over the church. They filter what goes up to God and filter what God sends down by way of the mind rather than by revelation. When the Holy Spirit is not in control, or worse… blocked, in time He departs. God forever is in the business of offending the offendable. Why? Dependence…

The mind is the battlefield, and so must be yoked to the mind of Christ by the Holy Spirit. Utter and complete dependence and “lower still” for all in any authority… this is the key to revival longevity, and which is critical knowledge for the German Church in the short days ahead! It’s much easier than so many have made it. By the Spirit you will do ten times more, ten times faster, ten times easier…

The Holy Spirit is about to make a move in the Church of Germany. God is looking for a people who will be able to handle the anointing flow. Out of that flow will be healing to the nations, first and foremost, to Israel. You will see it. There will be casting out demons and raising the dead. So it will also be with the least of those in these meetings. Ministries of the prophetic, intercession, revelation knowledge, healing and teams of missionaries will go forth into Germany, into Israel and then certain nations.

For those in leadership in the German Spirit filled Church, I pray that the Spirit of expectation and encouragement will be all over you and all who are on your leadership team. May you be continuously filled and then refilled again in the Holy Spirit to the welling up of eternal testimonies that will go down in the Kingdom annals of the ages as some of the greatest moves of God in human history.

With love and with all humility in Jesus Christ,

T. Scott Morton


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