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Small Narrow Door (A Poem)

Small Narrow Door

(A Poem)


It’s been a while since I have been posting. Some radical changes have been happening in my life. My wife Ginger and I have taken a new position in China. All I can tell you is that this is wonderful and exciting what has been happening, however challenging and revealing. I am so thankful to Father that He has been so merciful in our lives and willing to let us go forth like this.

Just now however, I sense the renewal of the call to hear and to write.

Some 12 years ago, I experienced the Revival in Toronto. It is from that place that a fire within me was stoked, and which still burns. Though the fire was ignited years earlier, I am so grateful for the faithfulness of John and Carol Arnott at Toronto. Only in Heaven will we find out how far reaching and strategically important for the worldwide Body of Christ this revival was and remains to be!

As for me, my life was changed supernaturally. And while I am so grateful to Father God for willing it, to Jesus Christ for speaking it and to the Holy Spirit for bringing it, I honor the Arnotts’ for their faithfulness to see it through. They are my modern day heroes. This poem speaks to this event in my life.




Small Narrow Door 4/29/04


Apprehended, loved, now changed by the Son.

Salvation complete, now we are one.

Rejoice in this newfound road I am on.

Death to life, my soul is now won.


Searching seeking, to church I go,

an honest attempt to mature and to grow.

But one hour a week of the old do they show,

only to find out what man might know.


Somehow I sense there is more to be shown,

and seek of the Lord that His wisdom be known.

Hungry and thirsty, I sense there is more.

Only Lord, point me now to that small narrow door?


The word says much more than I currently see.

Lord, I know there is more that the Body can be.

Not satisfied with this age old status quo,

I press on to find His fresh waters flow.


But then came the word of Toronto’s fire.

My heart skips a beat, an ignition of desire.

Plans now are made and my bags I pack.

But, so much unseen is holding me back.


Desire overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Lord if this is you let your face be shown?

Love welling up, the moment now here.

I’ve found that small door! Now I know He is near!


In I walk with my bags still in hand.

Confounded in His Presence I now stand.

The weight of His Presence all over my heart.

Revelation, the new thing, my beings’ fresh start.


Oh years of religion, of the law man has shown,

released in this moment of love, revealed, before unknown.

Healed and delivered from years of my shame,

in that moment and power of Jesus Holy Name!


Now my spirit controls and my soul’s in submission.

Upright way of going, this joyous condition.

It’s to home I go and for them will I show,

to start fires of His own wherever I go.


Now I knew in my heart,

there was so much more.

Now I know, now I’m known,

I’ll never return thru that small narrow door.


T. Scott Morton


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