Posted by: tscottmorton | July 29, 2013

Something From Nothing

For all who take on the responsibility of leadership in Father’s end time church, please listen very carefully to these words? Herein lies what might be the most important teaching of all for those who pour themselves out in ministry.
This life is a learning period. 80 years or so of growing in Him until we go home to be with Him. He is not looking for our perfection, just our growth. Simply said, He is looking for the maturing of our heart of love. To BE loved and then to love others. As we grow out of our wounds hurts and issues, we grow into an ability to love others even if they do not deserve it. And that not of us, but Him through us. 
We each have our issues we deal with. But we must deal with them in the healing power of the Spirit, not by the striving of what we think, or what others presume to say about us. “It’s not by might nor by strength, but by My Spirit says The Lord…” 
Issues we deal with in life DO NOT disqualify us from serving unless what we are doing brings hurt to others. You are NOT disqualified. Continue to seek out spiritual maturity through the avenue of honest humility. But while you do, be used of Him! Continue to give of your heart in love, honor and with kindness and understanding. 
Understanding: To stand under someone in order to see what they are dealing with. Anyone who presumes to minister from a position “over” someone is doing so in the pride and of their own effort. True healing starts with understanding… Understanding comes from the place of true humility; a placing of others over us, not us over others. 
If one consider oneself “over” a group, that person is already in error.  Jesus was the Chief Cornerstone of the foundation of the church. So, we connect with Him as part of that foundation. A foundation lifts the building up from underneath.
The longer we are in ministry, we learn more and more that our experience and our abilities are not of our own. Sadly, many presume just the opposite. Therein lies the difference between the religious church and the Spirit lead church.
The older and more experienced I become only serves to humble me all the more. The more I think I know, the more I realize how little I truly know. 
True maturity in Christ starts in the knowing of this: I am nothing. He is everything. Only God can make something out of nothing. Therein lies the key to success in ministry.

Like a love without devotion
Like a cloud without the rain

Like a heart without emotion

Like a wound without the pain

Without You I am nothing 

I am nothing without You 

Only You can make something out of nothing 

I am nothing without You

Like a prayer without an answer

Like a bird without a song

Like a hope without a future

Like a night without the dawn

Without You I am nothing 

I am nothing without You 

Only You can make something out of nothing 

I am nothing without You

“Without You”
Paul Baloche
An Offering of Worship


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