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Word for the American Spirit Filled Church


The Law demands, but Grace desires. The Law condemns but Grace releases.


This next generation will move forward so boldly and humbly in the anointing of the Father in ways this senior generation has never seen. In particular, the ministry of deliverance. We must release them… not presuming ourselves to be over them, but under them 


My wife Ginger, our daughter Abigail and I have been here in Shanghai and in ministry for the last year. We’ve been in China now for the last three years.

The Lord spoke to us directly, “Minister to each and every person as if you were ministering to Kings and Queens. You are in a beachhead location ministering from there to the nations.”

We know that what Father has been doing here is important for what comes next in regards to the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven!

In our local church here in Shanghai as many as 30 nations are represented in the Body. Father sent us here to minister to a new generation of Holy Spirit filled ministers. As such, we have been focused on mentoring the next generation of teen and college level people. The result has been no less than amazing. These people are getting the revelation of the power of God and beginning to move out in it.


Case in point, “Hunter”. Father gave him to me to mentor in all things of the Holy Spirit. He has been like a sponge. Operating in total humility and with an honest  deep hunger for more of the Lord. This Hunter has an anointing for deliverance like I have never seen in any one of my generation. Even while God was healing Hunter, God was using him to minister healing to others!

Just two days ago, Hunter stepped out in a teaching on deliverance. In this meeting of around 20 people, he got to dealing with the stronghold of pride. As he began to speak about it, over half of the group began to physically manifest “demonic induced events.” It was deliverance in mass. Many were delivered from pride that night.

Then Father spoke into my heart: “This ministry of deliverance is greatly missing from today’s Spirit filled church in America. This is going to change.”

Deliverance in Error

There are two sides of out of balance when talking about demonic forces. One side says that we have nothing to do with demons, don’t even go there. The other side says that there are demons under every rock… let’s hunt them down. Both are wrong.

One side allows demonic forces to operate freely and unchecked by way of religious theological error. The other side causes the church to be hunting for demons with undue focus on the demonic. This brings attention to the demonic, which also gives right to the enemy to increase his effect into the church. For, the focus has gone off of Christ and on to the demonic. Neither side is right. Though, I would say that far more is the case that there IS a demon under every rock. The key is in how we go about dealing with it.

I have heard many say that the demons in other countries are bigger and worse that those in America. I totally disagree with that, and by the word of the Lord on the matter.

In America the demons have connected to our religious ways of error so as to remain hidden. And they have done so with great effect over the generations. Meanwhile churches all across America are dealing with pride, strife, and divisions of every kind, not realizing that the cause starts with the flesh but ends with demonic intrusion.  Both must be dealt with, not simply the flesh.

Deliverance is a manifestation of the Spirit to forcibly push the devil out of the way so as to move forward with the business of the Kingdom; to operate in the fullness of Spirit filled life without such miserable effects within the Body of Christ. It is a ministry for the Christian!

Back to Hunter

With Hunter, what has been manifesting are events of people being delivered whom no one would have ever expected. Church leaders, people in ministry in even the highest levels have been manifesting releases in wonderful ways. They each report that they had no idea that something was amiss until revelation came their way! Route issues were being dealt with by way of revelation. Satan was placed under their feet!

No one was embarrassed they had an issue and no one was fighting against it. They were happily being released into a new level of joy outside of this “unknown oppression of the soul and body.”

Father is saying this to the American church. Rise up a team of young ministers of deliverance and give them release to have at it. Teach them but don’t limit them by how we did it in the past. Our strivings didn’t work, but Father is coming with a new anointing to see it happen in power!


This is the day of which Paul spoke of at the end of the book of Romans. After explaining in such a glorious way that sins are of the flesh and that of the law, Paul expressed the fact that no one could keep the law. By striving and legalism, we have opened many doors for evil forces to enter in.

Romans chapter 1-5 defines justification by grace through faith apart from works of the law, for the glory of God alone. Chapter 6 is in defense of grace, answering the questions that arise from chapters 1-5. Then in chapter 7, Paul defends the law as being the beauty of perfection. But in partnership with sin it becomes death to us! Therein lies the open doors through which the enemy infiltrates!

We strive to keep the law and expect our people to do as well, yet no one is capable of doing it. And whatever is not of God is sin. By our striving and our pride, by enforcing the law we have sinned. By sinning we have opened the doors to intrusive evil forces. Hence, the need for deliverance. It’s far more needed than we know… For, it is true that all of our battling is in the spirit realm…

Romans chapter 8 is Spirit and liberty and life through Jesus, the very answer to the penalty of law, the very power of our deliverance. Finally at the end of Romans, the one and only mention of Satan in the entire book of Romans, Paul says, “And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet!”


This is EXACTLY what Father is rising up in our day as to the ministry of deliverance. A new generation of ministers who are moving out, not in the law but in revelation grace, in humility and with a supernatural anointing given by the Spirit that breaks the heavy yoke of oppression off of people.

By this, combined with the ministry of prophetic intercession will result in a church Body mostly unhindered by divisions and splits and the unchecked pride of the flesh within.

The Law is beautiful. It is also impossible for all of humanity. The Law is the doorway through which all must walk to meet Jesus. For, lest I honestly know of my failings, I have no need for a savior. We are then released from every penalty of our failure to keep it. This is where deliverance reaches its full potential in the Body of Christ on earth.

With love in Christ,

T. Scott Morton


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