Posted by: tscottmorton | May 28, 2014

No Disagreement in Heaven


In heaven, all the wisdom and knowledge Father wants us to be known will be made known to us. There will be no error of truth because He will show us what truth is and reveal to us what truth we need to know. There will be no disagreement in Heaven.

Here on earth there are all manner of false truths. Everyone has different ideas, but no one has the truth, unless Father has given it in times of revelation. What the world has are good sounding arguments and mental conclusions that are not truth and which are in enmity with the Kingdom of God.

All truth here on earth that is of Kingdom value is given, not concluded. All falsity exists for one reason… Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When then happened, falsity manifested into the world.

Now, in this fallen world, we are left with two choices. The knowledge of the world, or the knowledge of the Kingdom of God.

This is why we need the manifesting Presence of the Father and of Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit! If we have no Holy Spirit power, we have no revelation, and no truth. We are left with the cranial conclusions of our flawed minds. We can only be in error outside of Holy Spirit manifested revelation truth!

Jesus said, “The Holy Spirit is the Counsellor who will lead you into ALL truth!” John 16…

Jesus will say to those rejected from Heaven. “Away from Me, you never KNEW Me.”

Knowing is of the highest importance to Father God. It is why He so wanted Adam to eat of the Tree of Life. But they ate from the tree of meaningless knowledge that distracted and still distracts us all today from knowing the one and only truth of value, the Tree of Life, who is the Word of truth, who is Jesus Christ!

Today we have the same choice! Which tree will we choose? And there is only one way to this tree… the Holy Spirit, when given FULL reign to manifest Himself in our lives, in our meetings and in our cities. It’s what Jesus died for.


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