Posted by: tscottmorton | July 13, 2014

Vision of the Wounded Warrior

Vision of the Wounded Warrior

Father showed me a vision of the wounded warrior. A woman standing with a cast on her leg, one arm in a sling, a black and blue eye, bruises on the body, and old wounds showing scars from past fights. But with the one good arm she did have, she continued to raise it to the heavens; she continued to declare, to pray and to intercede. This was the wounded warrior.

Father said to me, “I’m going to heal her wounds and bind up her infirmities. I will do it in the quiet place. I will do it when she stops and enters into the Holy place with Me. I will do it… face to Face.”

“For, if she will take the time to wait upon Me in times of intimacy and if she seeks My Face, I will come to her with healing in My wings and raise her up to the High Place with Me. There, I will show her My heart, and from that place, I will give her things she needs.”

The Lord says, “Continue in the call, but along with the call, add to it intimacy with Me. For there will rise up out of times of waiting a new level of faith as a gift. And in faith will come forth from your mouths a new song, and a new word… weapons that will decimate armies.”

There is a time for deliverance; there is a time to war and to fight. But there is a time to be still, both privately and corporately. In the quietness of the heart, and in these times of seeking, there will come an inner healing… face to Face. In that time, the Body will be renewed in such power as to fight these new fights we face in power, boldness and with a new and very great effectiveness. In this way, the attacks that formerly were effective will no longer be effective.

Now I see this woman again… bright shining as the Son, with no cast, no sling, no wounds and no scars. I see her declaring the word in power. I see the word going forth like a shockwave into the camps of the enemy. And I see the fights being won easily without anyone even lifting a finger.


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