Posted by: tscottmorton | October 29, 2014

The War Against Holy Spirit Presence

Today there has been manifesting many arguments amongst “Spirit filled leaders” that question the need and purpose of the Manifesting Presence of God in times of Revival. These arguments range from outright rejection of the need for the Holy Spirit to be with us in the first place, to forms of judgment against those who seek the Holy Spirit without desiring the call to ministry.

There are so many forms of arguments that the enemy levels to silence the Manifesting Presence of God within the Church. He does this in order to put the fire out at all cost. He uses the cranial thinkers to bring such arguments, those who are not speaking by the Spirit, but by what they presume to think.

Satan knows that if we, the Church, will bite on any of these arguments, that we will place the mind of man over the Mind of Christ, shut out the Holy Spirit either by will or condemnation, resulting in a powerless church.

One of the most serious of arguments I am most concerned about in this hour is the one that says, “The church is more interested in the Presence than in doing the works of the Kingdom.” This argument says that people “come in only for the experience, but stop there.” And there is much truth to this concern. However far greater is the error that lies within this argument! It is to this issue that I write.

Seeking Revival

I am ALL about Revival experience. That is my ministry, that is my call… namely to make a place for people to come in and to experiencing God.

I’ve been in many Revivals. Toronto over 60 times (Not because I was a Revival junkie. Rather, because my piloting job took me there three to five times per month back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s) I went back again and again because I loved the relationship I was gaining in the Father. What I did not know until later was that Father was laying in me destiny. He was dropping “equipping” into me. The anointing that breaks the heavy yoke, and a wisdom that confounds the wise, He was giving me. Most of which would birth at a later date.

Revival, and the seeking of the same, MUST pre prerequisite to all other activities. Why? Only in His Manifesting Presence do we gain truth that overcomes what we think. (Holy Spirit, the Helper who leads us into all truth.) Only in His Manifesting Presence are we even made aware of the call that we have been given. Only in His Manifesting Presence are we given the tools to fight this war that we are in with supernatural success. Only in His Manifesting Presence do we gain the revelation understanding of the Father heart of God who loves us unconditionally, the greatest motivational factor of all that calls me to “do” for Him.

Only in His Manifesting Presence are we made known to the power that heals the sick, cleanses the leapers, casts out demons and raises the dead, and then we are given that power. His Manifesting Presence = Revival.

Without Revival, we are all but dead in the murky stagnant lifeless religious waters of this world. No power, no effectiveness. No power, and we are left only with the minuscule ability of the flesh and cranial mind of man.

Revival must precede anything and permeate everything.

Here is the main point I am trying to make: We can not get our minds right before the Spirit will ever come in power. We need the Spirit to come in power before we will ever get our minds right. Works do not precede relationship. Relationship precedes works. It must, lest all that we do be of our own cranial judgments, lest our efforts be based in works rather than in relationship.

Such an argument that accuses seekers of “laziness” suggests that we need to have a works mindset before we seek Revival. That is to say, we need to have a “do” mindset before we come in and seek Revival. That is the cart before the horse.

Indeed there are many “Presence seekers” who stop short of doing the works we’ve been called to do. But I hear this very same argument time and again amongst today’s “Spirit filled leaders”. It becomes ammunition for the Spiritless on the far left, as well as many who have yet to experience the Presence to say, “We don’t need to seek Revival, we need to go out and do the works!”

It is an argument that pushes the pendulum of truth from out of balance to the left (that says there is no more Holy Spirit as it was in Acts) to out of balance to the right (which says that we are Presence seekers not willing to do the work). You see, both arguments result in the same thing… reduce or eliminate the need to be seekers of the Holy Spirit Presence. These arguments bring a sense of condemnation for making the effort to seek His Face in times of manifesting Revival. Because, we have placed our cranial thinking above that of the Father, we have placed the cart before the horse.

God loves those who seek His Face. And there are plenty of scriptures that make clear that point. But, after the Presence falls, we are left with the decision, and the choice, to get off our comfort seats and get out and do the work. However, God NEVER motivates us to do so out of any position of anger. True, the Presence will never cause us to get up and do the work. God never violates our free will. But that choice should never precede the irreplaceable need for the equipping that makes us able to do so. God loves us into the call.

If we have not gained prior equipping found only in the Presence, the results are works of man that get nothing done. FAR more important it is that people see the invaluable, mandatory and prerequisite need for the Manifesting Presence of the Holy Spirit, than we see the need for any form of Kingdom work. Because no Kingdom work will ever succeed in power without the anointing that comes first, only in times of Revival. We need the Presence first…

Ma 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Ma 6:9-10 Our Father who is in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…

Our first request of Father God is that He would bring His Kingdom to us on earth as it is in Heaven. Our first request is for the Spirit to come in Revival. All other requests follow, all other duties follow. Works of any Kingdom value follow the Presence. Works never precede the Presence.

As for us here in Asia, we have soaking meetings, available for all. I pastor (facilitate) them. We come to a stop and wait on the Presence of the Lord. In almost every one of our meetings, we see some form of physical healing, inner healing or deliverance. It is a magnificent Kingdom work of the “one to One”. Many who attend ARE going out and doing the works within the city. Some walking right into the local brothels and drawing out prostitutes into the truth. Others, ministering in direct demonic deliverance. Still others drawing the faithful to powerful revelation based intercession. Myself, I am ministering directly to local church leadership what it is to regain Revival. And the Spirit is showing up in power.

Why? First and for most… experiential relationship, then a release of the intimate knowledge of the Kingdom of God… then, and only then comes the presentation of the call to works. Thereafter they who receive the blessings of Revival must choose of their own volition to go out and do the call.

To those who say that Revivalists are merely experience seekers, I say this: Faith without experience is a dead faith. I would ask the question, “Are they promoting a works mentality in the reverse? Are they bringing a judgment against the very means by which people are made able to get up and do?” Think it through in the Spirit…

Remember, any part of our thinking that has not been expressly revealed from the Holy Spirit is just that, man’s thinking. Those of us who express Kingdom wisdom must be wholly and totally submitted, “yoked, mind to Spirit” to gain all wisdom and truth, lest we speak from our own minds what we think is the truth on any given Kingdom matter and do damage to all who hear of it.

Is there a way to all truth? Only by the Holy Spirit in times of His Manifesting Presence on earth as it is in Heaven.

For it is, “Not by might, nor by strength, but by My Spirit says the Lord Almighty.” Zech 4:6


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