Posted by: tscottmorton | November 5, 2014

Seesaw Politics

In the last two blog posts I’ve made, I have been discussing this concept of balance, as balance pertains to the Kingdom of God. Just now, another American election is complete, and once again we see the effects of “the pendulum” of truth swinging from one side to the other. Over the last few elections, the way of the pendulum has gone to the left. Now, and once again, we’ve seen a swing past the point of truth to the other side of out of balance. Politically speaking, I am not saying which side is correct. What I am saying is that we, as a nation, have been in this decades old process of seesawing to the left and right past the point of what is truly right. What is the deadly motivating factor behind this process? As it has always been in all things spiritual, so it also is in the world, envy and strife.

What’s amazing to me is how narrow minded and “current event minded” our nation can be; cultivated by two very out of line and out of balance entities we call the “right” and the “left”. What so many fail to understand is that rarely what economically occurs during the leadership period of one president is the direct fault of said president’s policies. What one president enacts, in many, if not most cases does not materialize until after his presidency. I don’t blame Bush and I don’t blame Obama. I blame bipartisan hatred that sets in motion a perpetual seesaw effect of instability in our economy and our national reputation. It’s way past time for peer respect, a culture of honor and agreement between parties in order to right and then stabilize our American ship! The instability of America, even our national identity has been greatly damaged for two primary reasons… envy and strife. And where there is envy and strife, there resides every evil work.


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