Posted by: tscottmorton | September 8, 2015

Hanging at the End of Your Rope?

Hanging at the End of Your Rope

Vision of the End of the Rope

I have seen many times a picture in my mind: a person suspended and hanging, holding on with one hand at the very end of a rope. Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman… These people are dangling there holding on for dear life to the very last strands of a rope. There appears to be darkness below. It seems that if the person let’s go, he/she will fall into the abyss. This is what is on the mind of the person hanging onto the rope. But what he/she cannot see is the existence of the hand of God resting below! It is invisible to the person holding on to the rope.

So they’re they are, men and women… hanging onto the last strands of the end of their rope. I can see, they are holding on for dear life, utilizing all the earthly effort they have to hold on! In their mind, they think that if they let go, they will surely die.

Who are these persons at the end of their rope? They are the church. They represent most of Christianity.

And what does this rope represent? The rope represents our yesterdays. The rope represents our life issues. The rope represents our hurts. The rope represents unforgiveness. The rope represents our un-dealt with issues. The rope represents our past wounds. It represents our old ways. It represents religion. It represents false beliefs! The rope represents the ways and effects of this fallen world!

But there is a hand waiting to catch us, we who are dangling at the end of our ropes. And the distance between the end of our rope and God’s hand that is just waiting to catch us, is faith.

The hand of God waiting to catch us is invisible because it requires our faith to let go. Therefore in faith, we must let go of our yesterdays, our old stuff, our anger, our issues, our wounds, our old ways and our false religious beliefs.

It truly is a leap of faith, or shall I say, a letting go by faith. And oh the liberty, the washing, the cleansing and the joy when we let go. And then all the anxiety of the ages just falls away as we fall softly into the hands of the Lord!

There, as you rest in the hand of the Father in your new-found peace, resides all the good gifts that Father God has for you… healing, deliverance, revelation and understanding, joy, peace and restoration! It’s all there! You cannot see it now. But it’s all there for you. You simply need to… let go! It’s a leap of love!

Stepping into the Kingdom mentality of the supernatural of God, which results in healing, deliverance and freedom from religion and dead works, requires our first action of letting go. God requires of us a first action in all things! But the first action is oh so simple. Our first action is simply to loose our grip upon our reigns of control and to let go of the rope!

What are you holding on to? Aren’t you tired of holding on so tightly? Isn’t it time to give God full control of your life?

Therefore, you must do the first action. Let’s go! Take the plunge! Fall in love!

I assure you, Father’s hand is waiting just below you! Fall into him! It will be the very best life choice you will have ever made in life, short of accepting Christ into your heart! He is waiting for you!




  1. Nice post. Thank you.

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