Posted by: tscottmorton | September 10, 2015

Praise to Worship

Praise to Worship

Scripture defines a sacrifice of praise. It does not call worship a sacrifice!

Praise is an ascension that requires a sacrifice of whatever has gotten in the way so that we can enter into the place of intimate worship.

In praise, by our declarations of His Majesty, we push everything of our flesh aside in order to enter into that intimate place of worship. When we move into that place of intimacy of worship everything becomes easy. And then… the Presence falls!

The reason that some people are able to enter into the Presence quicker than others is because they know how to push past the stuff of life, pushing all hindrances aside and press right in!

God already well those who he is. The declaration of who God is, that is praise. And while it is good and a wonderful thing to openly declare who God is in praise, far better it is that we enter in past that place into the very Presence of God and encounter Him face-to-Face!

So many churches in the world are good at the works of praise. But few truly understand the extreme necessity to go beyond praise and to “enter in” to a state of intimacy in the very Presence of the Father through worship. Because, praise is a declaration thing… but worship is a love thing!

May you press in today to seek and find His adoring eyes of love that burn for you!



  1. I love to study the Psalms as they are filled with attributes of God. As I hear who God is, I can’t help but to love Him more. Praise and worship is a result of that love!

    • One of my favorite hero’s of the faith was the late Ruth Ward Heflin. She said this… and it is so simple! “Meet together to praise Him. Praise Him until the Spirit of worship falls. Worship Him until the Holy Spirit comes. And then WALK in it!” It IS all about praise that leads to worship and adoration! We serve a love filled Father!!! Bless you!

  2. Thank you for that quote as I had not heard it before! What a great example of how to bring faith alive in our lives: Praise, Worship and Walk. (I can remember that!)

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