Posted by: tscottmorton | October 14, 2016

Why Failed Prayers?

For we Americans, as this four-year Presidential election cycle concludes, this is a critical season to be praying Kingdom prayers that gain Kingdom results. With that in mind come the following concerns.

There is a primary reason why the prayers of many Christians have not been heard. 

It’s not that we don’t pray. That’s not the problem. The problem is from what paradigm that we do pray. It’s all about from what foundational position that we Christians do pray. It’s all about our Christian identity!

Are we praying from the sin conscious old man self, flawed, still focused on sin and under the law? Or… are we praying from our grace conscious new man self, the new man or new woman that we ARE? If we say that we are in Christ Jesus, then we are 100% a new creation; a totally reborn new man/woman who is operating by grace through faith. How serious is this problem of identity!

I dare say the vast majority of those who say they are in Christ Jesus are living in the old man “sin conscious” self. It’s what most church’s have taught for generations.

The reality is that most Christians do not know who they are. We are in an identity crisis that God is clearly revealing in this hour! Just who are we, we who call ourselves Christian?

By faith, we have been given, as a gift, this robe of righteousness. It’s a gift undeserved and free of charge and works, yet we receive it… BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH. We need to see it, receive it, and then choose to put this robe on and wear it! Read carefully Romans 1-8!

As we put on this robe of righteousness by choice, this shield of faith, we exchange our old sin laden self for the new man self! It’s a baptism! We’ve put off the old self and put on the new self as a free gift through Christ Jesus! And once we’ve done so, we give no room for the old man self to return by the power of grace through faith, lest Christ has died for nothing!

This new man identity, it defines who we are. We are no longer in sin. Sin no longer is my identity! We are NOT sinners saved through grace. We WERE sinners, now fully a new creation, having been born totally anew into the new man/woman that we now are. I’m no longer in need of love as I were, I now AM love as He has now made me to be.

If we operate in the old man self, we remain under the law of sin and death, the price of which is wrath. If we operate by grace through faith in the new person that we are, we can therefore do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Whatever it is that you believe, you empower. Whatever it is that you disbelieve, you de-power.

The prayers from the old man self are totally ineffectual, because they are spoken from a defeated position. We pray from a place of need. That’s NOT who we are. But as we pray from this new man place of total victory, our prayers connect with His power! And that IS who we are!

The prayers that come from the new man self are effectual indeed, because they come from the place of total victory. We therefore pray in the Spirit knowing that He hears our every word, because we pray by grace through faith! It’s a totally different paradigm!

As to the short-term future, we MUST realize who we are by grace through faith, we must believe it, declare it and live it! Then our prayers are not out of need, fear, anger, judgment, and the like. Then our prayers are out of the lovers that we ARE… by grace through faith, knowing that we are being heard, knowing that what we are asking is in and by His heart.

In today’s church, the failings of our prayers are mostly because the vast majority of us are operating in the old man self. This MUST change. And such a need for change has been spoken from the Heavens. Now is the time to know who we are, to walk in who we are, and to pray out of who we ARE! Then mountains WILL move, the sick made well and the course of our nation will change.

Let me say this again: Whatever you believe, you empower. Whatever it is that you disbelieve, you de-power! Thus, if you are living in your powerless old man self, not knowing or believing the new man/woman that you are, you are DE-POWERING your prayers.

Which are you?

Lovingly submitted,

T Scott Morton

If these words are stirring in your heart, go to YouTube and type in this name: “Dan Mohler.” This Apostle is speaking these truths wonderfully! I encourage you with all my heart, go there, and listen to Kingdom truth. Failed


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