Posted by: tscottmorton | January 2, 2017

Word for 2017

Word for 2017

A New Foundation

Vision of the Battlefield of Reconciliation

Today, I saw a wonderful vision. I saw a massive grassy field that was to be a battlefield. I saw masses to the left and masses to the right. Enemies, ready to go to war. But then the Holy Spirit fell upon the fields. Leaders from both sides came forth to meet in the center to discuss terms. And in sudden tears they embraced each other. Revelation pouring and pouring out, error being exposed in power, both sides recognizing the error of religion and judgments, of self-righteousness and hatred. They came together in grand repentance and in tears of sadness for years lost, but in tears of great joy for the joy now set before them.

On the left were those of certain denominational Saints. On the right were those of non-denominational Spirit filled Saints. This vision of reconciliation was that of the Body coming together under the weight of revelation of the Spirit poured out. Error being exposed by Love on both sides, with spirits of judgment and fear and anger falling off all around. Both sides in forms of error, now made right in tears of love, confession, repentance and revelation truth. They embraced with these words: “By Grace through faith… By Grace through faith!”

I see lots of religion dying on both sides. Cold places becoming really really hot. Here comes national Revival. And for many of us who have been praying for this, waiting for this for years… here it comes!

2017 is the year of the foundation; foundations destroyed, foundations shifted and foundations restored. Foundations, upon which the Father can now place His Church house… His house with no roof. A roof is like the bars of a jail cell, filtering what God wants to bring down… filtering what the people want to give upward. I see leaders repositioning from the place of “coverage” to the place of the foundation; from “oversight” to the lowest place of servant. I see leaders who willfully chose to become connected to Christ, the Chief Cornerstone of the foundation. They lift the church up upon their backs to the Father and cry out, “This is Your meeting Father, not mine!”

And I see three words… unity, prosperity and Grace, Grace which is power. And I hear the Father saying, “GRACE! GRACE TO IT!”

I’m sensing a real open door for a dramatic turn-around this year, especially in the area of recovery and establishment of purpose and prosperity. A new master foundation is being laid, upon which has always been required to rightly place the “buildings of Kingdom purpose.” As it has been, any building would have been quickly destroyed due to sinking sand, hence no building upon that which was sinking sand. But as of January 20th, the beginnings of a new foundation are to be put in place upon which Father can build many things wonderful. And from which, the truth of the wisdom of right foundation will permeate all around the church. It’s going to be a very good year (years for that matter) for the Body… National foundation and spiritual foundations, reset in love and repentance, resulting in a powerful new release of authority. Both are shifting, even as we speak.

Todays’ Church leaders are going to have their hands full in 2017! And it is going to be wonderful!

In Love!

Timothy Scott Morton


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