Posted by: tscottmorton | January 12, 2017

The Prophetic A Poem

Prophet’s Call


Father sets the prophet who is willing to call.

Willing to die, to sacrifice it all.

To speak forth the word that Father will show.

To stand back and watch as His Body will grow.


Oak trees planted in a swampy bog.

Yesterday’s vision lost in today’s fog.

Rivers shifted long ago,

from where it was, their fresh waters flow.


Religion now formed and maintaining divisions,

clinging to yesterday’s plans and visions.

Results in a blindness to much of His word,

that speak of His healings, miracles, shifting of the Lord.


The mirrors cast a hazy vision,

of imperfect knowledge, God’s decision.

Though we discern some true understanding,

no man gets the glory that He is commanding.


Moving, changing, Rivers shifting.

Vision of its cloudiness now lifting.

Men and women discern fresh vision,

this constant fresh flow of Father’s provision.


Narrowly few these visionary’s numbers,

trust and faith to see such wonders.

Showing wisdom and knowledge to these growing few,

a weighty call to carry forth such a view.


Do equip the Saints with Kindgom discernment.

From heaven above, the word of God’s movement.

Holy call this prophetic function,

to speak forth the plan of God’s fresh new unction.


Imperfect in knowledge His servants discern,

it’s all that we have by which we can learn.

Oh who can know the Father’s direction?

The prophets set in, the Word at His discretion.


But this is the truth and is firmly unchanging,

the word must go forth before His arranging.

Then so shall it be for those who discern.

Hear now the word, our future to learn.


New wine can’t be placed in the old.

Why must this story again be retold?

What is past is now done and now it is gone,

“A new thing I do from this time on!”


Perhaps what is most difficult to take,

is the change that’s required for leaders to make.

For true it is that the prophets declare,

every word that goes forth comes a shift in the air.


Change is not easy for those locked in,

stuck in a place of faithless sin.

Nor is it easy for those,

who carry the weight of yesterdays pros.


But this is the time for God’s acceleration,

of spiritual radical harvest of our nation!

Smashing little boxes of limitations,

rejoining houses of former relations.


Evangelists, pastors, teachers now dying,

willingly crushed, alive, now flying!

Apostles rising, now hand in hand.

Prophets now joined, together they stand!


“It’s a new thing I’m doing, and always will be.

But hear it first, you must, thru these voices from Me.

See, I do nothing without first speaking forth the prophetic word.

So let them go! Let them fly! My plans you have heard!”


Declaring the word now with bold declaration.

Honest in love and in humble submission.

Heard, agreed, the word now going out.

The Kingdom advancing without any doubt.


Stands now the prophet, prepared now the call.

Willing to die, to sacrifice all.

To speak forth the word that Father has shown.

To stand back in joy as His Body has grown.


T. Scott Morton


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