Posted by: tscottmorton | December 8, 2018

Power in What You Believe

Many have been discussing the issue of sin amongst believers. Indeed, many denominations even make it a declaration of error when the idea of sin in a Christian is broached. And there is good reason for so much theological error on this issue. For if Satan can convince the Church that Christians are still sinners, the result is a dead and ineffective church that has no power to stop sin from within and around its surroundings.

I maintain that the scripture is as clear as a bell on the issues of the new identity of the believer in Christ Jesus. We, who have accepted Christ Jesus must also believe:

  1. We have been (past tense) crucified with Christ. Who we used to be no longer lives.
  2. We have been (past tense) risen with Christ Jesus a New Man Creation where our entire identity has now been changed.
  3. We no longer live for sin, who believe in Christ Jesus. Sin no longer has a hold on us who believe in Christ Jesus.
  4. We live not by the ways of this world. Rather IN ALL THINGS, we live by Grace through faith. We are given a choice, (which God NEVER violates), to believe or to not believe in what the Bible says about our New Man Creation self, our new identity in Christ Jesus.

All these truths are indisputable truths clearly outlined in Scripture.

So then why is it that so many Christians argue the reverse of these things?

I love discussions like this because we are just now going beyond the baby’s bottle and into the zone of RICH MEAT! This is EXACTLY what Jesus is calling for the church to do. The foundation of the truth of our identity in Christ Jesus is being restored and we are now realizing the very great depth of what it means to LIVE by faith, walking in the power of Grace. That is the key of this discussion.

I have been crucified with Christ… BY FAITH. I am a new man creation… BY FAITH. I am no longer identified as a sinner… BY FAITH. Sin no longer controls my life… BY FAITH. I am risen with Christ a totally new man creation… BY FAITH.

There is POWER in what we believe. Error or truth, whatever we believe, we empower that to be so in our lives. Where my identity in Christ is concerned, whatever I believe BY FAITH, God gives me the power of the Holy Spirit called Grace to make what I believe SO in my life. I therefore live by the power of the Spirit of Grace through what I believe… by my faith.

If I don’t believe I am a new man creation, I remain under the law and then only by the works of my own effort can I ever “get better” or “stop sinning.” But, if I believe in what Christ died that I be, then by faith through Grace… as HE IS, I AM! By faith, sin no longer has any hold on me. By Grace (POWER of the Spirit) I no longer sin. Once I got this revelation, I have had very little to repent for. Besetting sin was gone entirely from my life. I testify this all to be the truth!

But, what is sin? What sin are we talking about here? There is sin that leads to death. There is sin that does not. Many have asked the question, what is the difference?

To answer this question, here’s a good way to measure it: Do you go to bed thinking of ways to sin the next day, knowing full well that what you are considering to do is sin? Do you wake up in the morning with the intention of doing a thing which you know is sin? Do you consider ways of how to do this sin, even though you know it is wrong? Is what you are doing a thing that you KNOW is sin, yet you willfully do it anyway? This is besetting sin, which if not dealt with through repentance will in time result in sickness and death.

Now then, let’s say that you wake up in the morning, and you walk into a wall and stub your toe. Even before you think, out from your mouth comes a curse word in momentary anger. You knew that response was anger but you immediately took it to the Father with an apology and a repentant heart. This is not besetting sin! It does not change the New Man Creation that you have become. In fact, your New Man identity supersedes momentary error. Even so, as quick as can be comes the accusations of guilt from the enemy. But we have overcome Him with the Blood of the Lamb. We silence every argument that comes against the truth of WHO WE ARE.

But willful sin leads to death. How then do we overcome willful sin? How do we overcome strongholds in our lives? We start it with open confession. But we don’t stop there. We finish it with an agreement of who we now have become through Christ Jesus!

Read this scripture carefully: “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.” Luke 11:24-26

Repentance cleans the house and devils must depart. But that’s not all that must be understood! The doorway into my newly cleaned house must be closed off to the “seven worse than the first”! How do I do that? I LIVE BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH in what Christ made me to be.

We therefore must agree that we HAVE BEEN crucified with Christ. We agree that we HAVE BEEN made a New Man Creation. We agree that “sin no longer has a hold on me.” We agree that our identity has COMPLETELY changed. We agree that we have been restored into the Garden as Adam used to be, no longer in need of love, but now BEING love.

And Who is the guard at my door that stops Satan cold from coming back into my house with “seven worse than the first?” The HOLY SPIRIT’S POWER OF GRACE! Not only the Power of the Holy Spirit, but also well positioned highly empowered angels around me.

THIS IS WHO I AM. My house was cleaned through repentance, and set totally in order by what I believe of myself by faith through Grace! There’s POWER in what you believe!

I am no longer sin… Sin no longer has a hold on me… And because HE IS, I AM. Now I AM for those around me.


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