Posted by: tscottmorton | March 1, 2019

Repentance for Revival?

I’ve heard it said, “The depth of our repentance will determine the depth of our revival.” This implies the depth of repentance within our Churches. 

And that is a terribly wrong theology. 

Actually it’s the other way around. The heights of any real Revival will RESULT in deep repentance poured out throughout our cities. 

For if just three that walk by faith, who lock themselves in worship and prayer, can start a Revival that shakes a nation, how is it that Revival depends of the amount or depth of corporate repentance we do? And how much repentance will be enough to convince God to come? 

It’s not about striving! Rather it’s about intimacy and a spiritual hunger that is based within the knowledge of our New Man identity in Christ Jesus. 

It’s time for the Church to break from sin consciousness and the law, and STAND in the consciousness of faith through Grace (our real identity). THEN, from THAT place, seek Revival. Perhaps the reason why Revival tarries is because we, the Church, do not know, do not agree with, or do not live like who we are in Christ Jesus? Think about it! 

There is only one reason that a Christian would need to repent of sin. Because by being in sin, such a Christian does NOT know who he or she is in Christ Jesus. 

Being fully dead to my old man self and fully alive to my New Man recreated self through Christ Jesus is NOT “positional” alone. It is both positional AND EXPERIENTIAL! Anything less than that, and Christ died for nothing! If it’s only a positional thing, we remain under the law! But if it’s by Grace that we can experientially live sinless… that is LIVING in Grace! Jesus didn’t just position me as a New Man Creation, He also gave me the power to BE that New Man Creation in the here and now, the power that comes only by faith through Grace! 

Good or bad, right or wrong, whatever we believe we empower. If I don’t believe by faith that I am a New Man Creation, and if I don’t live it, I AM NOT! But if I believe it, then comes the Power of the Spirit called Grace to empower me to be and remain sinless as the New Man Creation I now am! This is the renewing of the mind day by day! Day by day, I stand in agreement AND live who Jesus says I am. That is the beginning of Revival! That’s exactly what the first nine chapters of Romans are all about. 

I KNOW. That was me! The Christian who I used to be. In and out of sin. In and out of repentance. And all but ineffective for Jesus in this life. But when I realized that my New Man self was a gift to be received by faith through Grace… when I believed that I am a New Man Creation… sin fully DIED in me. Sin no longer remains my identity. I no longer identify with Adam, I’m now identified by, in and through Jesus Christ! Sin no longer has any hold on me. 

Through the one man Adam, I died, but through the One Man Christ, I have become a New Man Creation! My DNA was changed when I first believed that I AM a New Man Creation. I went from being daily in need of repentance to it being a rarity in an instant. 

Simply put, the Church in need of “depths of repentance” is the Church that knows NOT who they are.

In reality, Revival is for the cities and the nations, not for the church. If God’s Church is in need of Revival, something is wrong with the Church! Revival then becomes God’s mercy upon His wayward Church. 

In true Revival, the Church light shines OUTWARD into the city. It is in the city where repentance and deliverance happens. And we Christians, in love with our cities, are the light that leads them into that place of deliverance and liberty, ourselves having already been made righteous in Christ! We give them what we have, Christ manifesting Himself through us. 

Repentance is the result of Revival and which is brought about through the Spirit’s supernatural revelation power. And when the Holy Spirit comes, the lost will come running to the alter to confess and repent! Repentance is not the way to Revival, Revival is the way to repentance. 

Though it might be that when a church enters into repentance for walking by sight rather than by faith, Revival might come. But far greater is the manifestation of Revival that will come when we walk like the Church whom Christ died for, in the knowledge of our true righteous identity, reaching out into the city and giving love! Then comes the Revival without end! 


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